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The end of the trend

Welcome to the Remote Team Toolkit.

We know that small businesses face an unprecedented transition to remote teamwork in these difficult times. It's no longer a trend or a differentiated approach to work. It's how every business now needs to work.

The Remote Team Toolkit is designed to be your guidebook to adopting the right tools, finding the best tips and being a resource for teams as they adjust to remote work.

What is the Remote Team Toolkit?

An online toolkit that lists the best known collaboration tools to power remote teams along with relevant tips, tricks and content to help teams make the shift to remote work.

It’s a resource for teams of all levels of remote experience, to identify and evaluate new tools and read about best practice from leading remote-first companies.

How should I use the Toolkit?

Start with your tools. We've outlined the must have apps in every remote team stack including Calendar Docs & Email, Chat, Video Conferencing, Meeting Collaboration and Project Management.

Then, read about best practice. Many great teams have been working remote for years, and we have included a number of great articles, guides and videos to help you skill up as a remote-first team.

How do I add my product / tool / content to the Toolkit?

Send us a message by clicking ‘Contact Us' , or email and we’ll review your request and get back to you or publish the update within 24 hours.

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