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6 tips to make anyone more successful at remote work, from a reporter who's been doing it for 20 years

I've spent two decades working full time from home, and my career has flourished. I love this lifestyle, but many people are finding it a difficult transition amid the coronavirus pandemic, especially given that it was forced on everyone and is accompanied by an anxious time in the world.

Like most of you reading this, my entire company, Insider, is working from home. Hundreds of people.

Insider's global headquarters is in New York, the epicenter of the US coronavirus outbreak. Another large outpost is in San Francisco, also on lockdown. On a normal workday, the office is fun and congenial. Good coffee. Great snacks. An all-in-it-together feeling whether the newsroom is heads down working on breaking news or the video team is interviewing someone famous in our studio right in the middle of the Manhattan office.

But I live in Colorado and normally work from home. While Colorado is also under mandatory stay-at-home orders, most of this is business as usual for me.

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