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How to Build Connections When Your Team Can’t Be in the Same Place

Strengthen connections with your team using video.

It’s no secret that building positive relationships with your coworkers will make your job more enjoyable and help you succeed professionally. But like any relationship, developing trust, respect, and a shared understanding with your team doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to establish a rapport with coworkers, and it can be an even greater challenge if you don’t share an office space.

We face this at Loom. More than 50% of our company is remote (and all of us are remote at the moment, for obvious reasons), and we work all across the globe, in different time zones. Overcoming the distance requires intention, effort, and a little creativity.

3 ways to strengthen connections with your team using video

We tackle the problem in a number of different ways (and with a few different tools) but I want to share how we’ve been using our own product to build stronger connections on our team.