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ProdPad: The Tools We Use For Remote Collaboration

We make sure everyone is included no matter where they are in the world.

It’s all up in the air at the moment, isn’t it? Uncertainty is a bit of understatement. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic the majority of us have zero clue as to what will happen next.

What we do know is this: we should be working from home if we are able to do so.

At ProdPad, we’re confident our team will weather the Covid-19 storm thanks to our unique ‘blended working’ culture, which embraces a human-first approach, and is centered around remote collaboration. We have the freedom to work from home or from one of our offices. Remote staff in the UK, Europe and the US, who are unable to regularly make it into an office, are still made to feel part of the team. There is a strong focus on remote collaboration, with all employees given access to software and tools to work away from the office. Everyone can be involved in meetings and workshops, which prevents feelings of anxiety and isolation.

“We make sure everyone is included no matter where they are in the world. If someone needs to work from home, for whatever reason, then they’re still able to connect with the rest of ProdPad. We hold an annual offsite, and attend multiple conferences and events together – our company culture is never compromised. We don’t need a boardroom to be a successful team.”

Janna Bastow, CEO and Co-founder, ProdPad.

So, what tools do we use to help us with remote collaboration?

We asked ProdPadders which tools they use to bring their remote working A-game. We hope it makes your remote working setup a little bit easier.

ProdPad is perfect for remote collaboration

ProdPad (excuse the shameless plug)

The leading product management tool

Why? Because the best way for us to move closer to our vision is to collaborate on solving the right problems. All teams (not just our product folk) use ProdPad to align around our OKRs, understand our strategy, as well as make good decisions on what to tackle next. We get the same benefits as our customers – strategic alignment, transparency into upcoming work, customer insights and the ability to work together regardless of where we are in the world.

Miro is perfect for remote collaboration


The online collaborative whiteboarding platform

Why? We find Miro is perfect for team collaboration and group problem solving. Consequently, we can use the canvas to visualize our ideas, plan workflows, and keep track of what we’re all working on. As product managers we obviously love the virtual sticky notes the most!

Hugo is perfect for remote collaboration


Connected meeting notes software

Why? We can keep agendas for our meetings in one place, store notes on what we discussed – so that we can assign actions to team members. Those notes can be pushed straight to Slack for everyone to see – wherever they are in the world.

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