Best Practices

The best virtual team building activities, according to real remote workers

This isn’t academic theory or some stuff we just made up. This is how real remote teams have fun and stay connected.

So. You’re part of a team distributed across space and timezones. Maybe you’re full-time remote employees, maybe you work in company offices scattered here n’ there, maybe you’ve got a bit of both. Regardless, building connection and team spirit is the key to working well together. But for virtual teams, that’s not as easy as going out to lunch together on Fridays.

Let’s say for the sake of argument that you’ve got the basics of virtual collaboration covered. Your team schedules meetings at times that work for everyone and uses a video conferencing tool so those non-verbal communication cues come through. You fling questions, updates, and files back and forth using a chat tool like Slack. You even get together in person once or twice a year. Good.

But strong teams aren’t built in a day-long offsite. The teams who perform best and enjoy a high sense of well-being weave team building into the fabric of their daily work, and take time out to have fun together on a regular basis. Trouble is, you can’t do trust falls from 2,000 miles away. Also, nobody likes trust falls anyway.