Remote Leadership

The manager’s manual for remote work

A field guide to building trust and creating clarity outside the traditional structure of the workplace - using Slack.

rom a distance, remote work sounds like a professional Shangri-La: shorter commutes (or no commute at all), added flexibility, even higher productivity.

But if you’re new to telecommuting, or transitioning to it temporarily, there’s going to be a learning curve. This is particularly true for managers, who might find a lack of visibility to their reports disorienting. All the while, the absence of face-to-face interactions—along with the natural rhythm and structure of office life—can be isolating for employees.

Thankfully, managers can clear these obstacles with a little practice and planning. Each day, teams all over the world work remotely in Slack, and naturally, several of Slack’s own veteran managers are fully remote. To help others make a smooth transition to this unique way of working, we’ve rounded up their most helpful tips for inspiring trust, clarity and performance—no matter their team’s location.