Best Practices

Working from home? Here’s how to stay on task

The difficulty of working from home is the bigger picture: the overwhelmingness of it all. Here I share how to stay on task.

I’ve been working remotely as a freelancer or contractor for two years now. I also have ADHD, and I am a terrible procrastinator. As a result, I’ve spent the past two years developing a system that helps me get my work done and be a good teammate in the process.

Whether you work remotely as a full-time employee or you freelance, the major struggles of staying on task usually come down to time management. An office has a natural structure and system. When working from home, you’re left to your own devices. And if I don’t follow my own system, I fail miserably.

I’ve found that creating structure is the best way to approach the difficulties of remote work (and to wrangle the double-headed monster of ADHD and procrastination in the process). By creating systems and routines for how to structure my time, I’ve been able to replicate, to an extent, the kind of structure that comes naturally when working in an office.

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